Some years ago my colleague’s daughter was seriously undecided as to her way forward now that she’d completed and gained her degree. Decided not to become a musician as had always been the plan through school, she now had a degree in the subject but ot means of supporting herself. I suggested she look at a completely different direction – as I was already working within the legal system in a secretarial post. My own role required me to take various training courses, all oline electronic ones. They were excellently presented – from how to stamp out fraud; how to check the security situation in a court; how to care adequately and better for people with mobility issues. My young pal looked at the choice of careers and signed on for becomeing a legal secretary – her online course materials was fantastic – the resources were really worth the fee. After a year of working around her temperory job hours, she became a fully fledged legal secretary and is very happily placed in chambers with some really hot and dynamic legal eagles.