Courses To Help Identify Best Keystage

The world of education and passing on skills to others has been one of the most changeable professions over centuries.  It is however one of the most important features of a well developed country.    For anyone contemplating becoming a teacher, there are some questions at the very beginning best answered to ensure the right path is taken – it’s a long one and to take the wrong direction at the beginning is wasteful and soul destroying.  Firstly, have a think about what level of teaching you think you could be most suited to.  As the UK education system is made up of five key stages, it is possible to take online educational courses to aid the training for the best key stage.   Although you may choose one stage to aim at, the university and teacher trainig establishment requires you to take teaching practice across the entire five key stages, to broaden experience and knowledge.   Upon completion of your chosen teacher training, you will need to work a probationary year in post as a trainee teacher working towards full QTS.  Online and e-educational course work helps to bolster that knowledge.