From Down To Earth To Online Training Methods

These days of high tech learning for just about anything have really opened up the world of education and career building more than we could ever have envisaged.  In the old days, pre computer that would be, we went to school, learnt the three Rs – ‘rithmetic, ‘riting’ and reading.  Humanities: geography and history to you and me were light relief.   Then there were biology & chemistry etc. for the clearly brighter student.  Our school had it’s own Domestic Sciences block, including a small apartment – no, not for sleep overs.  This was for home economics to learn the art of looking after a home and how best to clean, iron, mend etc as well as all the essentials needed for planning, buying for and cooking nutritious and cheap meals.  We also had a small gardening area for the production of vegetables for the kitchen.  This was a rare school.  Today we can be tutored online in any subject – even common sense!