Home Schooling & No School Days

There has always been a sector of the comunity who wanted to home school their children, feeling their own methods were better than trained tutors and school teachers.  Some parents are so obsessed about not letting their children mix with other, germ ridden children, they do their level best to avoid sending their children to school.  Anyone can elect to self education at home but there has to be proof and many families use this as a lazy excuse not to have to go out every day or even get dressed and presentable.   However, there has been this sunami hit us with the pandemic virus so no child is atttending school as they knew it.   This has meant a whole new ball game for 99% of school age children and a massive learning curve for the teaching staff charged with supplying their classes with the right materials and keeping tabs on their childrens’ online returns.   There are of course still teachers available in clas but they are looking after children from all 15 school years.   The new idea will be to have smaller groups able to mix with the teacher and teaching assistant keeping the work flowing and the older children helping to show the younger ones a trick or two!  The online resources provided by each teaching hub has been amazing.