Knowing How We Best Learn & Achieve

There has been much talk of online learning and schooling over the last few months.   At first when the pandemic hit our shores, there was incredulity that anyone would think of closing schools.  Gradually though the time came for children to have to go back to school – they need that structure in their lives and the formal setting of lessons with colleagues and tutors.  However for the rest of us, we can still enjoy stretching oursleves with extra learning facilities.  If we want to expand our career options, there are many platforms allowing us to take training in order to apply for the next promotion.  Some of these courses can be reached via the employer and of course in nursing, police, any public services employment, custom software and fully integrated training courses will often be mandatory.  Getting used to learning via online systems isan  important step.  Knowing wheter we are personally better learners in a one to one setting or tutor led, can help us to recognise where we need to concentrate our learning efforts.