Ladies – Remember The Gym Never Lies

I’ve recently joined a ladies’ boutique gym, and have been popping down to avail myself of it’s circuit training and treadmill several times  a week.  At first I was pretty shattered at the end of three circuits plus 2 sessions on the treadmill.  Having nearly passed out after sitting the walking speed rather ambitiouly at 5.3 and up to a whopping 2 notches incline, I was very pleased to get to the end of my first 10 minute stint.  I then moved back to the circuits, a mix of arm and leg machines and a couple to stretch the back.  The young lass in charge down there is a personal trainer and offers any help with how to get the max out of each machine and she also knows each client’s physical ability.  Her training was very comprehensive, at college and working as a junior PT in a big nationwide gym environment.  All this backed up with e-learning for her certification levels.