Learning Styles Explained: Find Your Perfect Way to Study

There are understood to be several different ways we learn, however there are three main styles of learning which people can find themselves fitting into.  Here, we discuss the three main learning styles and how they affect us when we study.

Auditory learning:  this is where the learner prefers listening and hearing the learning rather than through seeing or doing.  A great study tip for these types of learners is to record lectures, lessons and semiars and listen back to them.  You can study anywhere if you record your lessons, allowing you to listen to them wherever and whenever you like.  Group discussions and question sessions are good for auditory learners.

Visual learning:  this is where the learner prefers seeing and watching a lesson.  Sitting towards the front of the class is as good idea for visual learners, so you can always see what is being taught.  Demonstrations, illustrations, drawing and diagrams are good for visual learners, as is colour coding your study work.

Kinesthetic learning:  this is learning through doing.  Kinesthetic learners actively prefer using their hands and doing the task rather than hearing about it or reading about it.  Practical subjects such as cooking, engineering and technology all suit this sort of learning.