Learning The Hard Way Before Computerisation

Oh my goodness I remember from so many years ago, or so it feels, the days before my office became fully computerised.  Unbelievable as it will seem to the everyday workperson, there was a time before computers and we used to record everything with pen and paper.  All those hours of taking notes and dictated letters – all orders and invoicing generated by filling account books!  Then transcribing notes into some form of document meant having to remember everything the boss had said, ad verbatim.  Not having memory typewriters either, it meant that any mistakes were scored through and  every single document had to be typed over again and again until 100% correct.  With online training courses and e-education, all this laborious stuff is now obsolete and everything is done online literally as you’re reading the instructions, you are completing the work.  Learning to type by online systems is avery good example of learning a real skill easily and enjoyably.