Learning To Go Back In Time Takes Special Skill

I have recently been visiting a group of senior ciizens who are in the mid term of dementia.  I have plenty of experience of the vagaries and cruel life sapping nature of this illness.  Both my mother and mother in law have sucumbed and it is dreadful.   The sadness is seeing their lives robbed of any meaningful purpose.  The once lively brian now just desperately trying to recall names, dates, connections with reality.  My own mother for example is now living back in her teen years – this is evident by her anxiety every hour of needing to know that her parents will be waiting for her at home and she won’t be late – my mother is over 90, so of course, her parents won’t be doing any such thing, but I can’t tell her that.  The grou I assist with are on their way to that stage now and I am able to relate to their bizarre outpourings more easily than most.