Life Goals Governed By Look, Listen and Learn

Having had a very bulk standard education, last century when the teaching methods were very varied, as much as the success rate of the teacher.  I can distinctly recall certain members of statt at my lowly senior school – grandly described as having a thoroughly modern comprehensive approach.  Now that I am very much older, definitely much wiser, and more confident, I can look back and really pick out which lessons suited my training needs and which didn’t – and how the teachers concerned affected that process.

My best subject were English, both  language and literature.  I would hide my head in a book for hours if allowed.  This of course brought a very wide vocabulary and ability to comprehend a lot in the language based lessons.  Other favourites were history and domestic sciences.  These for the subject themselves but also the teachers presented the subjects in a meaningful and exciting way which caught my imagination – which stuck with me for life.