Mary Mary Not So Contrary Retrains With E-Learning

A good friend of mine has waned to change careers for ages, she chose nursery teaching, many years ago, but after half a lifetime taking children to the toilet, of wiping noses, bottoms, reminding them to wash their hands etc etc, she had had enough and decided to retain as a garden designer.  This was no mean feat – holding down the usual day job whilst retraining was not as easy as it sounds but thanks to the amazing array of e-learning and online course work, she has been able to do this in less than the 3 years recommended.  With just one day a week attendance at the gardening school, at which they learned the practical skills needed to design around all the different types of plants, the need for further online refresher courses became a necessary pleasure.   The only way to draw out a garden schematic is to know exactly how big and wide plants grow !