Playing Hookey Triggers Need For Online Learning Resource

If you have a slow learner in the family it can be quite distressing all round.  You don’t always recognise a problem at the beginning.  It is often when the child becomes quiet and withdrawn, or the opposite, disruptive and attention seeking that problems with school work sometimes make themselves known.  The change in behaviour is very often a silent call for attention – a small request for help but without the childre realising what they are doing.  I have one very young relative who was doing excellently at school.  Her attainment had been remarkable up to he age of 8 going on 9.  Then she just seemed to tail off and stopped making progress.  As soon as the change in behaviour was found to be because she’d been upset in class and started missing lessons, action came in quickly.  Online learning resources were sought and an amazing turn around achieved.  Calm restored.