School Assessment Open To Pushy Persuasion

There has been a tremendous revolution in our working practices over the last few months.  The world of education particularly has been hit sideways and each set of A level candidates this year is nervously attending assessment sessions with the staff of each subject they would usually have sat those dreaded final school exams.  The way in to university currently is by school assessment.  It’s a good job our teaching industry is so reliable and not open to bribery and corruption, as there are many instances of pushy parents trying to blackmail or pressurise teachers into giving higher grades than could possibly have been achieved by the student.  All the parents need to do to ensure permanent success for their offspring is to provide additional online resources as recommended via the school.  To channel their ambitiousness into practical assistance and also giving the child a well deserved sense of purpose, rightness and fairness, as well as a good understanding of the subject they are trying to be assessed in!