Silver Surfing Brings Benefits For Older Learners

When  you’ve been in the same job for a number of  years, it can be easy to get complacent and just do everything by rote.  It’s thought by some that the less you have to think about some jobs, the quicker they go by, but for others, not being able to access the best training courses to improve how they do their job can cause indirect suffering.  So how to strike the balance between going out to local social learning, such as U3A, or trying to learn specifics on our own at home.   The way most big companies get their staff to take responsibility for their own training – management have someone checking the activities of each team and team leader.  Knowing how to log on, make our own page for that site, with our details on.    Most students in one group tend to rely on their own methods of training and organise themselves into teams for the vaious asks ahead.