Slow Colleagues Learning Online To Keep Up

As we all know, there are certain careers that need a constant training element and this is most effectively presented by way of e-learning tools.  The ease with which teams can be updated in their day to day operational role can never be fulfilled in the same way with a massive group of colleagues.  The disruption to their normal working schedule crates havoc, the sheer expense of getting everyone to their training venue is another major factor.    After this is the costs for board and lodgings if it extends over one working day.   When you think that any regional office or department can gather relevan groups of colleagues together on one site and present the online learning courses has brought incredible savings.  Education has really been upended with the e-learning and online education whirlwind.   There is no longer an excuse that someone doesn’t know the ropes.  Get them onboard, online and they will soon learn!