Voluntary E-Learning Courses Widens Knowledge Base

Adjustments in career choices often have to be made at times of adversity. We can’t see what’s around the next corner, or the one after that. Having an idea how to get to the next rung of any career ladder is an art in itself. During a late flowering career in the civil service, I was able to partake in several online and computer based training courses. I found ost of them very interesting, not always geared in any sense to my current post, but unlike some of my younger and sceptical colleagues, I saw them all as a bonus feature that could eventually help me get to the next grade. I’m so glad I did adopt this ‘yes, let’s have a go at that . . . .’ attitude whenever a new e-learning course was on the bulletin board. My managers were taking note of my interest and ability to demonstrate my rapidly improving knowledge base.